2020 State of wholesale & distribution

Learn the Supply Chain strategies that your peers are implementing in 2020

To better understand the challenges facing the wholesale supply industry and how many industry players are thinking about solving them, we decided to ask them. For the third year in a row, Blue Ridge conducted a survey of wholesale distributors to better understand their plans for continued business expansion and digitization. We asked many of the same questions as last year to provide a comparison to show the evolution of the industry and how technology is shaping business practices.

Key findings of the study include:

  • The challenge of managing slow or low-selling items remains one of the biggest pain points for wholesale suppliers. Many don’t have systems in place that are able to handle analyzing the data needed to make improvements.
  • The industry continues to lag behind others in adopting new approaches to managing data and other information, such as machine learning.
  • Despite having inventory turns and profit as top metrics, many in the industry continue to struggle with improving these.
  • Current solutions and tools aren’t helping wholesale suppliers achieve their goals.
  • Watch the video to view the recorded webinar where we reveal the results of the 2019 report and discuss the true state of supply chain planning and inventory optimization for wholesalers and distributors.
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