Blue Ridge implements cloud-native retail solution to maximize profits and balance inventory at Grolls AB, one of Sweden and Norway's leading and fastest growing personal protective equipment wholesale and retail chain.

Malmö, Sweden. (PRWEB) December 1, 2015

Blue Ridge announced today that the fastest growing personal protection equipment (PPE) and workwear chain, Grolls, will implement the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Analytics solution. Grolls will deploy the demand forecasting, planning and optimization suite to operate more efficiently by precisely aligning supply with demand. Grolls expects this implementation will provide greater supply chain visibility and control that will enable the company to maximize their growth.

Quote startOne of the advantages of the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning tool is the unprecedented planning precision. This precision is possible because of the big data processing and virtually limitless scalability that is enabled by the cloud.Quote end

Grolls business operates 48 stores, includes resellers and supports 35,000 active end-customers across all of Scandinavia. Generating 110 million USD in annual revenue, the chain is strongly influenced by seasonal patterns and the ability to meet the demand in a multi-echelon environment.

Similar to other retail chains that operate across a large or diverse geographic area, Grolls needed a solution that could mitigate long supplier lead times and seasonal inventory challenges. Because Grolls operates in such a large geographical area in Scandinavia and the Baltics, start-dates on seasonal products vary from item to item, putting pressure on the purchasing department to have very precise planning.

Grolls underwent a fusion with their sister company, Univern, in 2012 and needed a solution to support demand planning for the distribution centers (DC´s) in both countries. The two companies had different customers, different distribution structures, and two separate ERP platforms. Blue Ridge's Supply Chain Planning solution will unify the companies across country borders.

Blue Ridge´s Nordic implementation and education partner Inventory Investment Sweden AB, is set to launch the implementation and expects the Grolls Group will yield rapid results. "Our experience with industries similar to Grolls suggests that our cloud platform is key to freeing up working capital, essential to fueling further growth," stated Sverre Rosmo, CEO of Inventory Investment AB. Rosmo continued, "One of the advantages of the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning tool is the unprecedented planning precision. This precision is possible because of the big data processing and virtually limitless scalability that is enabled by the cloud. This will give Grolls significant leverage when it comes to strategic planning and growth in the market."


Norwegian bathroom equipment wholesaler Vikingbad implements Blue Ridge Cloud Supply Chain Planning and Analytics solution to accelerate growth and increase cash flow.

Oslo, Norway. August 18, 2015


Leading cloud-native supply chain planning provider, Blue Ridge, announced today that one of Norway's fastest growing bathroom suppliers has selected the company's hardgoods solution suite for Demand Planning, Forecasting, Supply Chain Planning and Analytics. Vikingbad joined forces with Blue Ridge to sustain rapid growth by elevating visibility throughout their global supply chain while increasing service levels to customers.

Vikingbad is heavily dependent on suppliers in the Asia/Pac region and is undergoing fast growth with highly seasonal and promotionally driven demand on its products. Fairly new to the market, Vikingbad knew they needed a solution to support their ambitious goals without the limitations of traditional supply chain software. Specifically, the company wanted a cloud-native platform with highly accurate demand planning and forecasting to effectively plan their global supply chain with precise supply plans and replenishment.

" Many of our suppliers are Chinese, which means that our thorough understanding of the demand patterns in our local market must be paired with a precise Supply Chain Planning capability," stated Ørjan Moy Jacobsen, Director of Purchasing. He continued, "Our evaluation concluded that the Blue Ridge systems have a leading edge in the market. Our customers are retailers that heavily rely on us being transparent and predictable. Blue Ridge's ability to transform a complex planning environment down to a detailed daily plan with flexible Supply Chain Analytics will create a competitive edge for us in the market."

Planning and optimizing the warehouse capacity is key to the overall performance of Vikingbad's success. "The detailed plan in Supply Chain Planning combined with Analytic's easy-to-grasp visualization of the inbound flows, will help us gain a deeper understanding of the supply chain plan. This will allow us to prepare for peak inbound volumes and take proactive action well ahead in time," stated Kristian Schlanbuch, Founder and COO.

For Vikingbad, Blue Ridge will serve as the strategic cornerstone for their continued fast growth. "This project will have a profound impact on our cash flow, while also maintaining our ability to deliver and meet our customers' expectations," stated Stein Viggo Karlsen, CEO of Vikingbad. "This will strengthen our bottom line and free up substantial cash to fuel our growth."

Blue Ridge believes Vikingbad is a perfect match to the company's Cloud-Native Supply Chain solutions. "Vikingbad quickly recognized that a Cloud platform is the most effective way to generate cash flow," stated Sverre Rosmo, European VP of Sales. "I feel confident that Blue Ridge will be a perfect partner to support Vikingbad's continued growth strategy, balancing the complexity of overseas supply with a demanding and highly volatile market."

About Vikingbad

VikingBad AS is a company based in Grimstad, south of Norway, that imports and distributes sanitary-ware and outdoor spas. VikingBad focuses on developing installation friendly products with reasonable prices and great quality. The company strives to achieve excellent product availability, with a full stock of spare-parts to support after-sales on all VikingBad products. From 2010 to 2013, VikingBad more than doubled the annual turnover, and are among the preferred brands for total bathroom solutions. VikingBad has made substantial investments in recent years in order to support existing and future growth, with Blue Ridge systems as the latest part of the company's technology and IT solutions.

Kristian Schlanbusch (Founder), Stein Viggo Karlsen and Ørjan Moy Jacobsen own the company and are part of the 38-member team at VikingBad.


Event offers a glimpse into the future of supply chain, technology and operations.

Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) April 29, 2015 Image

Blue Ridge, a provider of supply chain planning solutions that enable retail and distribution companies to increase revenue with improved inventory performance, today announced that its 7th annual BLUEPrint Nordics Conference will be held at Losby Gods in Oslo, Norway, June 1-3, 2015. This year's conference brings together progressive retail and distribution executives for networking and an in depth look at the future of supply chain technology, planning and analytics.

The three-day event offers best practice sessions, round-table discussions and industry leading guest speakers. Keynote speaker, Norwegian skier and multiple Paralympic gold medalist, Cato Zahl Pederson, will share his inspiring story to kick off this year's event at the Losby Gods Resort. CEO of Blue Ridge Global, Greg White, will also give attendees his perspective on the state of supply chain planning and how the cloud is driving precision and speed in responding to changing inventory demands.

Quote startWe are looking forward to another year of bringing together the industry's best and brightest to network, share and learn about the latest strategies that are shaping the future of supply chain and how new advances can help change their business.Quote end

Throughout the conference, leading European companies including Bilglassruppen AS, Cervera AB, Rema Distrubujon AS and Panorama Gruppen AS will present success stories. Executives from these companies will share firsthand experiences around integrated supply chain planning and how thinking outside of the box with supply chain analytics has helped them manage inventory and remain competitive, all while providing superior customer service levels and increased profitability.

" Many supply chain solutions, approaches and strategies that once worked are struggling to keep up with today's market," said Greg White, CEO of Blue Ridge. "We are looking forward to another year of bringing together the industry's best and brightest to network, share knowledge, and learn about the latest strategies that are shaping the future of supply chain and how new advances can help change their business for the better."

To register for BLUEPrint or for more information, contact Sverre Rosmo at The full agenda can also be accessed here.

About Blue Ridge

For progressive retail and distribution companies, Blue Ridge's supply chain management planning solutions dramatically improve the ability to increase revenue and deliver superior customer experiences. The company's technology disrupts the 20-year old model established by older client-server based software systems that cannot provide the real-time analysis and recommendations essential for better and more predictive inventory planning. Blue Ridge offers the first enterprise-class supply chain planning solution native to the cloud and predicts more precisely and responds more quickly to changing inventory demands than legacy supply chain solutions relying on antiquated software architectures. Blue Ridge's demand-driven solutions help increase inventory performance, improve inventory turn accuracy, and optimize inventory investments to positively impact the bottom line. The solution can be scaled to even the most complex supply chains, and can be implemented in as little as 90 days. For more information, please visit

Blue Ridge implements supply chain analytics at Rema Distribusjon AS, subsidiary of the major Norwegian food retailer REMA 1000. The food distributor looks to capitalize on opportunities within the company' s supply chain planning, forecasting, replenishment, and collaboration.

Atlanta, GA and Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) March 18, 2015

Blue Ridge, a global Cloud supply chain planning and analytics provider, today announced that Rema Distribusjon has adopted the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics solution. The food distributor plans to capitalize on actionable insights related to the supply chain, in-store conditions, and supplier collaboration.

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics is a cloud-based solution that is used by a number of wholesalers and retailers around the world. "We have a long tradition of working closely with Rema Distribusjon within purchasing and supply chain planning. Rema has become an elite player leveraging supply chain optimization as a competitive advantage. We expect the team is well equipped to use our analytics to reach even greater bottom-line gains," stated Greg White, CEO of Blue Ridge.

Quote startWe are now able to collaborate both internally and externally in a manner quite unprecedented...We are flowing real-time, advanced supply chain planning and analytics data to other departments as well as to key trading partners and stakeholders.Quote end

Rema is looking forward to taking advantage of the benefits of a Cloud solution. "Because Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics is cloud based, we get the opportunity to continuously draw on lessons made by leading players anywhere in the world. When we decided to launch the solution, we quickly noted that not only does the system provide a wealth of pre-configured analytics tailored to a food distribution and retail supply chain, but it also allows us to work in many dimensions, where we quickly can combine Supply Chain Reporting from any data source in a very effective manner," noted Trond Eggan, Purchasing Manager at Rema Distribujson responsible for supply chain planning across six high-velocity distribution centers.

The ease of implementation and flexibility were also attractive components of the Blue Ridge solution. "The tool easily conforms to our IT architecture requirements, which has made for a rapid and cost-effective implementation," stated Eggan.

The supply chain team at Rema is poised to use the Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics technology in order to fully capitalize on sharing key supply chain insights within the organization as well as with outside trading partners. "My central supply chain team has already begun exploring opportunities for new analytics and discovering powerful ways to use that data. We see the system's powerful and flexible functions for creating dashboards and seamless information sharing as something that could prove revolutionary," commented Eggan.

Eggan went on to say, "We are now able to collaborate both internally and externally in a manner quite unprecedented to what we were able to before and to what is available in the market. We are flowing real-time, advanced supply chain planning and analytics data to other departments as well as to key trading partners and stakeholders."

Leadership at Rema Distribusjon sees Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics as a vehicle to furthering the company's strategic advantages in the market. "Competition in the food retail market is fierce. Most players have a lot of information, but putting this information together in a way that holistically facilitates efficiency and profitability can be a great challenge," stated Irmelin Stølen, VP Supply Chain. "At Rema we have a very specific task: To add significant value to retail stores by successfully pursuing a cost leadership strategy in the Norwegian market. I expect the Blue Ridge analytics tool to provide gains in this respect."

About REMA 1000
REMA 1000 is part of Reitangruppen, which engages consists of four primary business units: REMA 1000 (Food Retail), Reitan Convenience, Uno-X Gruppen (Gas Stations) and Reitan Eiendom (Property Management). Reitangrunnen also includes Spaceworld (consumer electronics) and 15.6 percent ownership in Axfood, a food retailer based in Sweden. Reitangruppen's headquarters is located at Lade Gaard in Trondheim, and constitutes the cultural and financial center of the corporation. REMA 1000 and Reitan Convenience have their operational headquarters in Oslo, while Reitan Eiendom is situated in Trondheim. Uno-X Gruppen is based in Oslo/Copenhagen. Reitangruppen's vision is to be known as Scandinavia's most value driven enterprise. Including income from its franchise businesses, Reitangruppen's sales in 2014 totaled 82 Billion Norwegian Kroner. The company employs 36,611 people throughout the Nordics and the Baltics and ranks among Norway's top 10 largest companies.

About Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge Cloud supply chain planning and analytics solutions provide next-level visibility and precision in demand forecasting, planning and replenishment to retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. By optimizing product availability, inventory, and logistics costs, these companies increase cash flow by 50% or more and improve sales by double-digits, while stabilizing or even reducing inventory up to 30%. Blue Ridge demand-driven solutions can be implemented in as little as 90 days and scaled to the most complex supply chains. For more information, visit:

Rema Distribusjon AS tar i bruk Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics

Blue Ridge-løsningene for Supply Chain Analytics implementeres hos Rema Distribusjon AS, et datterselskap av en av Norges ledende matkjeder, REMA 1000. REMA Distribusjon vil med dette utnytte mulighetene innen selskapets Supply Chain Planlegging, Progostisering, vareforsyning og samarbeid i forsyningskjeden.

Atlanta, GA og Oslo (PRWEB) 18. mars 2015

Blue Ridge, en global Cloud supply chain planning og supply chain analytic-leverandør annonserte i dag at Rema Distribusjon har implementert Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics-løsningen. Dagligvaredistributøren vil dra nytte av økt innsikt omkring sin forsyningskjede og forhold i butikkene samt økt samhandling med leverandørene.

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics er en cloudbasert løsning som benyttes av en rekke grossister og detaljister verden over. "Vi har en langt samarbeid med Rema Distribusjon innen innkjøp og supply chain planlegging bak oss. Rema Distrisjon har blitt en elitespiller som utnytter supply chain-optimering som et konkurransefortrinn. Vi forventer at teamet er vel forberedte på å benytte våre analyser til å oppnå en endra bedre bunnlinje", uttaler Greg White, CEO i Blue Ridge.

Quote startVi er nå i stand til å samarbeide både internt og eksternt på en helt enestående måte - vi forsyner i realtid avanserte forsyningskjede- og analysedata til andre avdelinger såvel som til nøkkelpartnere. Quote end

Rema ser frem til å kunne dra nytte av denne Cloud-baserte løsningen. "Fordi at Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics er skybased, får vi muligheten til løpende å trekke lærdommer fra ledende spillere andre steder i verden. Da vi bestemte oss for å gå igang med løsningen, så vi fort at systemet ikke bare gir et vell av ferdiglagde analyser skreddersydee til en dagligvaregrossists- og detaljists forsyningskjede, det jobber også i mange andre dimensjoner hvor man raskt kan kombinere Supply Chain Reporting fra enhver datakilde på en meget effektiv måte", kommenterer Trond Eggan, Innkjøpssjef i Rema Distribujson og ansvarlig for planleggingen av vareforsyningen på tvers av 6 høyhastighets distribusjonssentre.

Enkelheten i implementeringen og fleksibiliteten var også attraktivt når det gjaldt Blue Ridge-løsningen. "Løsningen faller fint sammen med vår krav til IT-arkitektur, noe som har muliggjort en rask og kostnadseffektiv implementering", sier Eggan.

Supply chain-teamet hos REMA er klare til å benytte Blue Ridges Supply Chain Analytics-teknologi for å kunne dra full nytte av deling av Supply Chain Planning-innsikter innen organsiasjonen såvel mot eksterne handelspartnere. "Mitt sentrale planleggingsteam har allerede begynt å utnytte mulighetene for nye analyser samt at de oppdater nye og kraftfulle måter å bruke dataene på. Vi ser at systemets kraftige og fleksible funksjoner knyttet til det å lage dashboards og sømløs informasjonsdeling er noe som kan vise seg å bli revolusjonerende", sier Eggan.

Eggan legger ti at "vi er nå i stand til å samarbeide internt og eksternt på en helt enestående måte i forhold til tidligere og i forhold til hva som er tilgjengelig i markedet. Vi forsyner realtids, avanserte supply chain-innsikter og -analyser til andre avdelinger og til sentrale handelspartnere og interessenter."

Ledelsen i Rema Distribusjon ser på Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics som et verktøy til videre å styrke selskapets strategiske markedsposisjon: "Konkurransen i dagligvaremarkedet er meget hard. De fleste aktørene har mye informasjon, men det å sette denne informasjonen sammen på en helhetlig måte som støtter oppunder effektivitet og lønnsomhet kan bære en stor utfordrning", sier Irmelin Stølen, logistikkdirektør. "På REMA Distribusjon har vi en spesifikk oppgave: Å skape en betydelig fordel for den enkelte butikk ved å forfølge en kostnadslederstrategi i den norske markedet. Jeg forventer at Blue Ridge analytics-verktøyet vil bidra vesentlig i så måte."

Om REMA 1000
REMA 1000 del av Reitangruppen, som består av fire forretningsenheter: REMA 1000 (dagligvare), Reitan Convenience, Uno-X Gruppen (bensinstasjoner) og Reitan Eiendom (Eiendomsbestyrelse). Reitangruppen inkluderer også Spaceworld (forbruker-ekektronikk) og 15.6 prosent eierandel i Axfood, en dagligvareaktør basert i Sverige. Reitangruppens hovedkontor ligger på Lade Gaard i Trondheim, and innbefatter det kulturelle og finansielle senteret i konsernet. REMA 1000 and Reitan Convenience har deres hovedkontorer i Oslo, mens Reitan Eiendom finnes i Trondheim. Uno-X Gruppen befinner seg i Oslo/København.

Reitangruppens visjon er å bli kjent som Skandinavisas mest verdidrevne foretak. Inkludert inntektene fra sine franchisere ble Reitangruppenss totale salg i 2014 82 milliarder norske kroner. Selskapet sysselsetter 36,611 personer i Norden og Baltikum og er rangert blant Norges 10 støreste selskaper.

Om Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Cloud supply chain planning og analytics-løsninger gir det neste nivået av synlighet og presisjon innen etterspørselsprognostisering, planlegging og vareforsyning til detaljister, distributører og produsenter. Ved å optimere produkttilgjengelighet, lager- og logistikkostnader kan disse selskapene øke sin kontantstrøm med 50% eller mer og øke salget med tosifrede tall og samtidig stabilisere og endog redusere lagrene sine med opptil 30%. Blue Ridges etterspørselsdrevne løsninger kan implementeres på så lite som 90 dager og skaleres til den mest komplekse forsyningskjeden. For mer informasjon, se


07. januar 2015

Blue Ridge annonserte lanseringen av selskapets innovative Cloud supply chain planning collaboration løsning, fokusert på å aksellerere gevinstene som retailere og deres leverandører kan få ved å dele forsynings- og etterspørselspllaner. Blue Ridge og Inventory Investment vil kunne demonstrere denne løsningen på NRF Big Show at booth #3856.

Quote startThe beauty of our new collaboration solution is how easy it is for retailers to optimize inventory plans taking into account supplier capacity constraints.B

Basert på tidligere erfaringer samt innspill fra bransjeanalytikere, er vårt inntrykk at slike initiativer har blitt hindret eller forsinket på grunn av at det stiller såvidt store krav til innsats fra hver av partene.

Blue Ridge Supply Planning-løsningen forenkler denne samarbeidsprosessen ved å la detaljisten ta hensyn til kalenderdrevne beskrankninger fra leverandøren som så over natt sammenlignes i Blue Ridges metodikk for joiint, tidsfasede ordreprojeksjoner. Resultatet er ordre til leverandøren som holder seg innenfor dennes kapasitetsbeskrankninger uten at servicegraden ofres. Gevinsten for begge parter er bedre service, bedre topp- og bunnlinjeresultater samt en forbedret kontantstrøm.