VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory: Would you like to your customer's inventory at their warehouses and stores?

With Supply Chain Planning you can effectively add value to your offerings and at the same time give your company a new and improved control over your distribution and fill rates. In co-operation with Supply Chain Analytics you can in a very effective way make sure that both your company and your customer gains insight and control of important sides of your common logistical flows adding additional benefits from increased service levels, lowered inventories, reduced, obsolescence, reduction in total logistical costs on both sides, increased transparency and predictability for both parties. And much more.

As our solutions are SaaS- and browser based, the solution can be extended and made available for you and your customers in the pace and scope that fits the needs.

CPFR - Collaboration: Collaborate Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment is fully supported by our solutions. Here you can involve your suppliers in parts of or your entire supply process. Again, since our solutions are SaaS. and browser based, you may yourself in a very detailed manner control to what extent you want to involve your suppliers, what responsibilities are assgned to them and what information they get to see. You can share this information via intranet, extranet, internet, via interactive reports on e-mail or even via iGoogle.

Your options are almost without limitations.