Multi Echelon Supply Chain Management

Is your logistical structure complex and interconnected? Do your goods have to pass through several instances before ending up at your customer's? Maybe your goods go from your supplier to a central warehouse, to a regional warehouse, and from there finally end up in one of your stores?

This is a classic challenge. At the regional warehouse you do not know exactly when the store is going to order and how much. At the central DC you do not know exactly when you are going to receive orders from the regional warehouses. And it can get even more complicated if your goods can follow alternate routes before ending up at your customer's.

In such settings you are prone to building safety stock to cover up for the uncertainty related to the upcoming demand from your supply chain. And still it is hard to avoid OOS - out of stock situations.

Through the years many designs and attempts have been made to solve this intricate problem. In Supply Chain Planning it has been solved elegantly both with respect to system design and not to forget with respect to the user experience.

Whether you have a complex assembly situation, whether you manage an integrated distribution network or you represent a retailer with mult-level interconnected locations, Supply Chain Planning will take care of this in an integrated and automated way.