Freight Optimization

Freight is often a dominating part of our Nordic customers' logistics costs.

In most companies freight optimization takes place as a separate activity after the replenishment team has cut their orders. Freight as a key component is then left out of the total optimization and you then cannot be certain on whether you have been able to minimize the total logistic costs.

Supply Chain Plannings Freight Optimization solves this problem. By including your freight matrixes and brackets in the
cal culation of the perfect replenishment quantities, you can ensure that you choose the strategy thatminimizes your costs and also that you make a re-evaluation of your strategy every single time you place an order.

Supply Chain Plannings Freight Optimization not only optimizes your current freight costs as part of the total cost picture, it also compares your freight budget on every single line for each supplier-/location with actual costs incurred, allowing you at any time to monitor whether you are overcharged from the supplier when there is a short shipment.