Let a pilot project show the potentials

  • How efficient is your supply process compared to others in your industry?
  • What steps can be taken to leverage the potential of your supply chain?
  • How effectively do your buyers work?

Most companies use considerable resources to plan, execute and follow up purchasing- and supply decisions. At the same time, it may be believed that there are significant unresolved potentials related to factors such as ability to deliver, capital tied up and financial procurement, and that these potentials are difficult to realize based on available ERP functionality.

We can offer you a pilot project that starts with an overall mapping of the company's business processes. Our pilot projects are also supplemented by an analyzis where we simulate the potentials of improving the availability, logistical efficiency and capital effects. A pilot can be regarded as a stand-alone "health check" of the company's supply chain planning and buying as well as supply chain efficiency and can help provide sufficient foundation for deciding on a possible implementation of Blue Ridge.

Please contact us to get started on a pilot. No strings attached.

system implementation

  • Planning: Inventory Investment prepares and presents a draft plan based on the prerequisites known to the project. Through discussions with the project owner, the project and finally the steering group, plans and budgets are decided or the total project.
  • Technical implementation: Includes all activities from installation, interface, loading, validation, documentation and handover of solution to business owner.
  • Functional mapping includes mapping of business processes, analysis, defining any gap and deciding how each process should be managed in the system.
  • Change management: The customer takes care of organizational development / change management as part of the project. If desired, Inventory Investment can provide input and advice on focus areas and activities.
  • Initiation / roll-out: One and one supplier/category or store and associated SKUs are initiated in the Blue Ridge Solution and then purchased according to plan or when required. We gently lead you through the launch of the solution and hold your hand throughout the further deployment.
  • Profit improvement: Inventory Investment uses a proven method, documentation and procedures aimed at enabling the customer to continue to hunt for improvements and results on their own when the project is over. This is accompanied by an introduction to reporting and analysis opportunities in SCA - Supply Chain Analytics. this proven methodology and joint effort with you as a customer has proven successful and is a key factor behind our customers' good results.

Training in theory and practice

Training users and super users on our systems Supply Chain Planning - SCP and Supply Chain Analytics - SCA is an integral and important part of creating efficient purchasing and supply chains with our customers. To ensure the right level of competence, we follow a proven model for training and certifying of our users, super users and their managers.
training Model

The training is a key part of our implementation project and continues as part of collaborative follow-up plans after the completion of the projects. The aim is to ensure that planners and purchasers at all times are prepared to best meet operational, tactical and strategic challenges in their pursuit to create the most efficient supply chain for their business. The training we deliver to our our customers not only provides insight into the use of the systems, but also provide insight into the underlying theory and why the system optimizes in the way it does.

We know that a good understanding and the right use of our solutions create positive results on the bottom line of our customers, while also making the buyer role far more interesting.

Your buyers are our heroes. Let's make sure they get the training and tools they need to really become your heroes as well!

Follow-up and improvement programs

Inventory Investment uses a proven method, documentation and procedures aimed at enabling you as a customer to continue the pursuit of improvements and results on your own when the project has been completed. The follow-up of the client follows Inventory Investment's year-long proven method.
Follow-up and improvement programs

After the project is complete, Inventory Investment continues to monitor the use and results achieved in the system in accordance with what the customer allows. We then promptly notify you of deviations from routines or if there are results that need your attention. We also warn of future challenges and pitfalls such as Chinese New Year or an item missing a seasonal profile.

As part of our customer follow-up methodology, the parties team up in regular collaborative meetings. Here it is further agreed what focus the improvement program should have. Here are some examples of what we help our customers with:

  • System analysis based on the 7 steps of buying
  • Improvement projects for service level and inventory
  • Assortment analysis
  • Audits and recommendations
  • Follow-up of goals and improvement in results

Supply Chain Analytics

With Supply Chain Analytics, our customers have access to data both from the Blue Ridge solutions and from their ERP system - or from other sources in real time. The system is tailored to the analysis needs typically found by buyers and planners, purchasing and logistics managers and top management. Supply Chain Analytics - SCA - also offers a wide range of opportunities in assortment analytics, profitability analysis and inventory analysis. Supply Chain Analytics comes complete with a large number of reports that automatically reflect your organization and structure. There is a rich selection of dashboards and special reports ready for use. The system has a very low user threshold and as a user you are starting valuable analyzes from day one. Are you a user of SCP - Supply Chain Planning, you have SCA - Supply Chain Analytics as an integral part of your setup.

For the heavier analytics and benchmarking tasks, our competent consultants assist with in-depth knowledge and experience to bring out the good analyzes that form the basis for bringing your business forward.
Analysis - Charts

Effective category management

We help your company through this process to put in place a well-functioning category management routine.

  • What categories do we have, what products are in the category? Is the structure correct?
  • Category Role (Traffic Builder, Profit Generator, Upcoming Star, etc.)
  • Analysis of the categories with the help of our analysis tool - Supply Chain Analytics - SCA.
  • We analyze the net contribution of your assortment. We unveil costs you usually do not get from your accounding system.
  • You will see that some categories or items seemingly are profitable, while they in reality may not be.
  • Certain goods / commodity groups can be pure loss bombs when we get the total picture up.
  • Which category / items should be kept and which ones should be removed? What strategies should we use? - what do we want to achieve with the category? - what tactics should we have?
  • Communicate and get the buy-in on plans in the organization. We create our own customized dashboards for those who make daily decisions.
  • You get a clear and detailed plan that describes which categories to review and get new strategy and associated plans.
  • We create a plan for continuous review and evaluation in an annual process - your company's "annual category management wheel."
Category Management

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