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Supply Chain Seminar 2019 - Losby Gods

Supply Chain Seminar Losby 2019 - The event of the year for Supply Chain Planners and Buyers

This year's Supply Chain Seminar at Losby Gods was a success. There were a record number of participants - and lecturers. The seminar was a nice mix of presentations from customers and their experiences and results with the Blue Ridge solutions - and not least a series of lectures by Inventory Investment's expert staff on how the functionality of the Blue Ridge solutions can be used to

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What is Supply Chain Planning? A real competitive weapon

Supply chain planning is one of the most crucial areas a trading company must master. It is not a necessary evil, it is about survival, competitiveness and & #8211; cash! Inventory Investment AS distributes the renowned Blue Ridge solutions, some of the world's perhaps sharpest Supply Chain Planning solutions.

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