Spar Kjøp AS selects Blue Ridge Global technology to support its omnichannel processes

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Oslo, September 12, 2018 - Inventory Investment AS today announces that Spar Buy AS is using Blue Ridge Global's cloud-based technology to support its Supply Chain Planning for its 24 major department store operations and its e-commerce in Norway.

Oslo, September 12, 2018: Inventory Investment AS today announces that Spar Kjøp AS is using Blue Ridge Global's cloud-based technology to support its Supply Chain Planning for its operations of 24 major stores and for its e-commerce in Norway.

Spar Buy considered several suppliers of supply chain planning solutions to improve their customers' shopping experience, eliminate lost sales and increase the stock's turnover rate. Spar Buy chose the Supply Chain Planning technology from Blue Ridge, with the knowledge that the partnership will handle these challenges and improve the organization's efficiency as well as contribute to further growth and profitability for the business.

Blue Ridge technology is negotiated in Norway by Inventory Investment AS, a long-standing expertise center in the field.

“Inventory Investment and Blue Ridge's supply chain planning expertise will help us better align our in-store inventory to what customers demand while optimizing our total inventory investment, including our central warehouse. In sum, we aim to satisfy our omnichannel demand with less need for inventory across the entire supply chain, ”says Idun Storm, operations manager at Spar Buy and responsible for the transition to Blue Ridge technology.

“As I see it, our planning ability through Blue Ridge technology will be a key part of our overarching strategy focused on revitalizing and modernizing Spar Buy so that we can tackle the future of the digitalized trading platform. We are also looking forward to a long-term partnership with Blue Ridge and their local partner Inventory Investment AS, which has a leading position in supply chain planning for retailers and distributors, ”says general manager Jeaneth Eide Knudsen.

The Blue Ridge supply chain platform is the most accurate way retailers can detect and plan for changes in customer needs before they occur. This insight helps reduce costs, improve customer experience and ensure product availability without creating a costly overlay.

"Inventory visibility and control is crucial for a multi-channel retailer such as Spar Buy," said Jim Byrnes, Blue Ridge Global's chief executive. "Together with the highly experienced expertise environment of Inventory Investment, Spar Buy's dedicated team will ensure that our solutions contribute to innovation in the company's business processes and thus to the company's vitality and long-term growth."


About Save Buy

Spar Buy is a family-owned company that was established in Bergen in 1962. The company currently has about 585 employees and 24 large warehouses spread from the Church in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

Spar Buy has long traditions in Norwegian and its own brands and focuses heavily on e-commerce. The company continuously strives to offer a wide range at competitive prices, including sports and leisure clothing, shoes, cosmetics, leisure equipment, tools, toys and children's equipment and a rich selection of yarn products.

About Blue Ridge

The Blue Chain supply chain solution is the most accurate way retailers and distributors can anticipate changes in customer demand before it occurs. Traditional forecasting and planning techniques were not designed to keep up with today's unpredictable customer behavior. In a constantly changing world, Blue Ridge solutions provide more precision, greater speed and increased security & #8211; giving companies the opportunity to gain insight into underlying factors so that they can respond to the unexpected more quickly. That's why major retailers and distributors rely on Blue Ridge solutions for a more predictable future. For more information, go to

About Inventory Investment AS

Inventory Investment is a competence environment that for the last 20 years has specialized in Supply Chain Planning and integrated supply of goods for wholesalers, distributors and retailers. The company is the main partner of Blue Ridge and has implemented and supports these solutions in the Nordic and Europe.

Sverre Rosmo

Sverre Rosmo

Sverre has worked with supply chains, transport and purchasing for over 20 years. For the past 10 years, Sverre has worked as a project manager, consultant and in sales-oriented activities, mainly to Nordic wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Sverre is passionate about the logistics industry and not least purchasing and inventory management. He has for a long time been engaged as a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School and Logistics College. He has previously published professional articles. Sverre is currently a member of the board of LOGMA.

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