2020 State of wholesale & distribution

Learn about the logistics strategies your industry colleagues are implementing in 2020

To better understand the challenges distributors, wholesalers and production companies face and how best-of-breed players are thinking of meeting them, we decided to ask them. For the third year in a row, Blue Ridge conducted a survey of wholesalers and distributors to better understand how they plan to manage the chaos in supply chains.

We asked many of the same questions as last year to compare over several years and show the developments in this sector and how new technology, including machine learning, is shaping the industry.

Key findings in the survey are:

  • Businesses are constantly striving for supply chain management and optimizing inventory management in response to changing customer needs. How best to plan goods supply and make forecasts is constantly distorted by factors beyond their control, such as capacity and transport, supplier constraints, customs, e-commerce competition and price competition.
  • Whatever the challenge or cause of the problems, the usual response is to always secure more stock and then sell excess stock at a discount, which weakens the top line and margins.
  • The introduction of new products is ranked higher this year and now comes in third place
  • Advanced supply chain analysis for improved S&OP process and collaboration, along with machine learning, is increasing in importance as part of a more comprehensive forecasting and value chain management strategy.
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