Price Optimization

We can now offer you a solution where you can analyze, simulate and optimize the economic effects of price changes for your products, sales channels, customers and locations.

  • Optimize your prices: Quickly find out which of your items are over- or under-priced. Get suggestions for price adjustments across products, channels, and price lists.
  • Increase your earnings: Reduce overstocks and increase service level to get increased revenue and margins.
  • Increase your market share: Get daily alerts on opportunities for increased earnings and more competitive pricing.
  • Make sure your money is invested properly. Manage your pricing in line with your company's strategies and supplier agreements and get an upper hand in upcoming supplier negotiations.

Comprehensive pricing strategy

Simulate different price scenarios and predict the effect ahead of time. Identify low-risk earning opportunities and visualize over- or underpriced goods across the range.

Price Segmentation

Predict the impact across price-type relationships. View detailed results to understand the impact of the various constraints. Optimize using different cost or price groupings.

Better positioning

Manage in line with your business needs and act quickly to meet competitive price changes, supplier rules, segmentation, competitive positioning and frequency of changes.

Self-powered analyzes

Specially developed for retail, distribution and production

Customer Segmentation

Identify results per customer, discounts and pricing options based on willingness to pay and past performance. Adjust customer segment prices with optimal channel prices to increase margins.

Fast and durable results

Tune in to your unique environment and be up and running within 90 days. Get started quickly with smart price recommendations and simulate prices for future price lists and adjust your prices continuously in line with the need year after year.

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