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Sales generate revenue while correct purchases generate results. The planner and buyers of our customers are our heroes. When given proper tools, training and follow-up, they deliver startling results. Right on your bottom line.

Our mission is to create a profitable and competitive breakthrough for our customers. By professionalizing our customers' purchasing function and optimizing our customers' supply of goods, we trigger very important financial gains and increase our customers' competitiveness.

Sverre Charles Rosmo - Partner and Managing Director

Sverre Charles Rosmo

Partner & Managing Director
Sverre has worked with supply chains, transport and purchasing for over 20 years. For the past 10 years, Sverre has worked as a project manager, consultant and in sales-oriented activities, mainly to Nordic wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Sverre is passionate about the logistics industry and not least purchasing and inventory management. He has for a long time been engaged as a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School and Logistics College. He has previously published articles on the topic. Sverre is currently a member of the board of LOGMA.

Finn Meckelborg

Partner & Head of Administration
Finn has a background as a teacher. From the teaching profession he took the step into the IT industry where he has been project manager and consultant in particular for the last 10 years. It is perhaps especially which course holder Finn is best known for. His in-depth knowledge of our customers and solutions, combined with a professional view on courses and pedagogy, has made him by far the most preferred course holder among our clients. In addition to being in demand among our customers in the Nordic countries, he has in recent years traveled in shuttle services to countries such as Holland, England, South Africa, Belgium and Finland and Russia.
Jon Terje Stubberud - Partner and Technical Manager

Jon Terje Stubberud

Partner & Technical Manager
Jon Terje has 20 years of experience implementing and following up installations at Nordic and European logistics companies. For the past 10 years, Jon Terje has worked especially with world-leading specialist solutions related to procurement and supply, where he has been in particular responsible for the technical side of the projects. Implementing specialist solutions is often a meeting of a wealth of platforms and techniques, ranging from AS / 400 and RPG to Java, Microsoft and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). With Jon Terje's experience base, we are very flexible in terms of platform and technical architecture.
Geir Henning Garstad - Partner and Consultant Manager

Geir Henning Garstad

Partner & Consultant

For a number of years, Geir Henning has worked with complex issues related to purchasing, supply of goods and product range management at large and leading players in the Norwegian wholesale trade. He also has experience from heavy system development and implementation projects where he has held key project roles and project manager responsibilities.

In addition to this, he has been central to a number of research and analysis assignments. This has provided him with a very extensive experience base related to the business processes of wholesalers and retailers and the associated use of business and decision support systems. Geir Henning manages our implementation projects as well as helping our clients analyze and further develop their business processes so that they can constantly benefit from our systems.

Sissel Borgerud Falk - Senior Advisor

Sissel Borgerud Falk

Senior Adviser

Sissel has a background from a number of trading companies, both in distribution and retail, and she has also started and run her own shop. She has worked both on the logistics side with procurement, supply of goods and logistics planning and on the market side with a wide range of topics within category management.

Sissel has also worked with supplier follow-up and negotiations and been involved in improvement projects related to ERP systems, project management and also a number of analysis and improvement projects. Sissel leads our implementation projects and helps clients with analysis and further development of their business processes. greater use of our systems.

Lars Eilertsen - Senior advisor and project manager

Lars Eilertsen

Senior Adviser

Lars has extensive experience in purchasing and logistics from a number of distribution and retail trading companies. In addition, he has experience from the consultancy industry and within national and international transport.

He also has significant experience from various ERP development and implementation projects where he has held key project roles and project manager responsibilities.

Lars leads our implementation projects and helps clients with analysis and further development of their business processes so that they can constantly benefit from our systems.

Robert Holst - Support Manager

Robert Holst

Leader Support
Robert has extensive experience in system development and programming on our SQL / Windows / ASP.NET platform. He also has extensive experience from customer support, both externally and internally. Robert works with technical implementation, operation and support of our clients on (Clarity Replenish) Supply Chain Planning as well as (Lifeline Visibility) Supply Chain Analytics.

Magnus Lundberg

Application and support consultant
Magnus works with support for our customers at SCP Clarity and SCA Visibility. Magnus has broad expertise in system development and programming on the SQL / Windows / ASP.NET platform. Magnus has long experience as a developer at Länsforsäkringar and as a consultant at Creuna.

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