Your customers, suppliers and your company depend on accurate forecasts for increased visibility and reduced supply chain risk. More accurate forecasts enable you to reduce out-of-stock situations and remove overstock, which means increased sales while keeping costs down.

With our cloud-native forecasting and demand management solutions, you can understand and adapt to your customers' buying patterns - what influences them to buy and when. Accurately predict when, where and how much they'll purchase to assure you can provide exactly what they want, without excess cost to you.

Being able to plan at aggregate levels can often be an advantage. You may want to plan for a product group, category, or across regions. Our solution easily aggregates your data in line with your product and location hierarchies. This allows you to easily and powerfully simulate, adjust and execute everything from new budgets to targeted campaigns. The solution takes care of the calculations for each individual product at each individual location or store shelf. You can plan at the level you want, the system handles the rest.

Managing forecasts at aggregate levels is more than just a summarized compilation of your future demand and supply situation. Our strategic forecasting and planning tool helps users simulate potential changes and how they will impact demand planning and then effectively implement the changes, thereby improving both the top and bottom line.

You can:

  • Create campaigns across your entire network in one single screen
  • Respond quickly to variations in demand
  • Effectively let market and user insightsguide the forecasting process
  • Effectively work at different category levels and get adjusted forecasts, regardless of what level you are working on.

Optimize your inventory investment

In order to meet your customers' demand in a cost-effective way, you need easily accessible information that you can rely on, both in the short and long term. The cloud-based Blue Ridge solutions anticipate customer needs across channels and locations. This way, you can both stay in front of your customers' needs and at the same time adjust your inventory levels in the most profitable way possible.

If there is something that is certain in today's markets, it is that nothing is certain. As things change in your markets or in your supply chain, our solutions respond quickly and efficiently, helping you avoid being out of stock and having to make costly corrections.

The cloud-based Blue Ridge solutions not only create today's order, but also create a supply plan future orders up to 24 months into the future. Each of these orders take into account your service level goals, financial optimization needs, future needs for safety stock, logistical constraints - such as minimum order quantity, multiples, how much space you have in your warehouse or in your stores, freight optimization - in short - they are real order.

Every morning you have a supply plan for your total supply chain. It is created without the need for the user to do anything. If you need to know what you are going to receive or have in stock for a given day into the future, you will receive answers there and then. And if you want to share this with your customers or suppliers, it's very easy. They will understand the information right away and will be able to collaborate with you on their future deliveries - and thus your future becomes even more predictable.

In modern supply chains, everything is tied together. When a customer purchases something in your store, this must be related to how the item is ordered from your warehouse in the future - and in turn how the item is ordered from your supplier. When we link the entire supply chain in this way, we ensure that everything that happens in the last step towards the customer both today and in the future is related to how you must buy into your central warehouse. This way you can always be sure that you are good on time, that the quantities of goods that come into your warehouse in the future always are aligned with your future store orders - and with your customer demand.

This way of putting things together has many benefits. Your plan for introducing, replacing or phasing out goods will now be handled completely automatically throughout the chain. What was previously very labor intensive and a source of uncertainty and disappointed customers can now be handled completely automatically.

Through our multi echelon inventory optimization - MEIO - you will always have the right amount of goods anywhere in your network. Thus, you can predict your own future even more precisely. And you can reach service levels you were previously unable to - with even less stock.

Your supply chain is offering an abundance of data. The challenge is often to know what to look for and then be able to handle the challenges where the effect is greatest. Our cloud-based solution does just that: It proactively notifies you of the challenges ahead and gives you the opportunity to address them before they can create problems for you. And the solution gives you a wealth of analytics in all areas of your logistics:

  • Where do I miss my forecasts - and why?
  • Does sales for a campaign decrease? Where does it happen and how can I respond quickly?
  • Does the supplier experience delivery problems? When does this hit me?
  • Where do I have overstocks? Can this be routed to a location that needs the item instead of buying more from the supplier?
  • Where do I lose sales - and why?
  • Do I have the correct range or should it be adjusted?

Precise knowledge for seamless interaction

With Integrated Business Planning - IBP - Blue Ridge has created the next generation of S&OP tools. With this functionality you can now combine the forecasting planning methodology with other planning considerations, such as:

  • The category department's range and category budgets and plans
  • District or regional managers' sales budgets
  • Capacity plans for production sites or for warehouses
  • Your company's financial budgets

All of this is seamlessly integrated into one and the same tool - all departments have the same user interface and way of working. In short, this creates:

  • More predictability
  • More speed
  • More control

By transforming customer demand into a complete and coordinated demand- and supply plan, our cloud-based planning solutions provide manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers with the foundation to coordinate all processes to meet demand. With "one version of the truth", internal planning and execution can now be more coordinated and precise, thus increasing both sales and profits.

An organization that follows these streamlined and efficient processes saves time, becomes more efficient and can focus on where results are created.

Predict and test the financial impact of price changes before implementing them.

Did you know that a 1% increase in sales price can result in a 7% increase in your gross profit? In today's dynamic and competitive distribution market, you need to be able to predict the effects of a price change before you implement it. It's that simple.

Our solution for this, Blue Ridge Pricing, delivers advanced scientific computing capabilities that allow you to test the impact of a price change across your entire range. It gives you a quick insight into which products are under- and overpriced. It shows you where you can lower your stocks and increase your margins. And it gives you an extra negotiating card when you negotiate. And it creates revenue opportunities through smarter pricing that provides both more competitiveness and profitability.

Read more about our price optimization solution here.

By the way, look for more information on forecasting. click here to read more about our forecasting solution.


Manage purchasing and supply throughout your supply chain

In order to achieve top results in purchasing and fulfillment, the system must balance replenishment precisely to demand. At the same time, the system must take into account a number of factors, such as:

  • Logistic constraints, such as minimum purchases, pack sizes, transport optimization, shelf life, planograms and much more.
  • Your various goals, including your requirements for availability and turnover
  • Visibility throughout the supply chain
  • Identification and automatic handling of future bottlenecks

The Blue Ridge solution handles your daily replenisment or production orders elegantly and just as automatically as you want. The system displays the lines on your orders that represent exceptions so you quickly can handle them and then place the order. Expect the time you spend on operational procurement to go down sharply so you can devote more to tactical and strategic planning.

When introducing, reselling, quoting or promoting an item, allocation can be a useful tool. Our solutions allow you to push goods into your network intelligently with a minimum of effort.

The same applies if you have scarcity of goods in relation to demand. Then it is good to know that we will effectively help you distribute your merchandise in a manner that minimizes lost sales, maximizes profit and minimizes risk.

Want to work smarter with purchasing and supply chain planning?

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