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Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Logma - a network for logistics management - organizes its annual Persson Seminar on March 5 at BI Norwegian Business School. Concepts such as machine learning, expert systems, robots and autonomous solutions are being addressed. The seminar has a number of exciting lectures and is recommended!

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User meeting June 16, 2020 at 10-16

The Corona outbreak has caused our user seminar to be postponed until 16 June. It's a shame that we have to push on this popular event - which provides a great opportunity for you who are an active user or super-user of the Blue Ridge solutions to meet other like-minded people and get answers to things you've been wondering

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User Meeting 10 October at Bilglassgruppen

Bilglassgruppen AS is a privately owned company that, in recent years, has become the leading supplier of car glass in the Norwegian market. Their market share is currently 45 % and includes deliveries to the automotive industry, car glass chains and the glass industry.

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User hit with main theme "Investment Purchase"

The main theme for the user meeting March 15 will be "Investment Purchase", we will discuss issues that often come up when we talk to clients about investment purchases. This may apply to annual price increases or time-limited offers. In SCP, the function is called Forward Buy. Feel free to submit issues.

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