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Blue Ridge shares its research findings on the challenges facing wholesalers and distributors webinar Feb. 5.

The survey shows that wholesalers and distributors are increasingly exposed to sudden changes in their markets and economic trends, cost pressures, new competitors as well as not having processes and system support to deal with uncertainty. The industry is also striving for pricing in a situation of rising costs, unpredictable customs and fees and limited opportunities to pass this on to its customers.

Sverre Rosmo

Sverre Rosmo

Sverre has worked with supply chains, transport and purchasing for over 20 years. For the past 10 years, Sverre has worked as a project manager, consultant and in sales-oriented activities, mainly to Nordic wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Sverre is passionate about the logistics industry and not least purchasing and inventory management. He has for a long time been engaged as a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School and Logistics College. He has previously published professional articles. Sverre is currently a member of the board of LOGMA.

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