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User Meeting 10 October at Bilglassgruppen

Bilglassgruppen AS is a privately owned company that, in recent years, has become the leading supplier of car glass in the Norwegian market. Their market share is currently 45 % and includes deliveries to the automotive industry, car glass chains and the glass industry.

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Supply Chain Seminar 2019 - Losby Gods

Supply Chain Seminar Losby 2019 - The event of the year for Supply Chain Planners and Buyers

This year's Supply Chain Seminar at Losby Gods was a success. There were a record number of participants - and lecturers. The seminar was a nice mix of presentations from customers and their experiences and results with the Blue Ridge solutions - and not least a series of lectures by Inventory Investment's expert staff on how the functionality of the Blue Ridge solutions can be used to

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Figure - Order policy
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Reverse the trend: Optimize your purchases! Step 4 - Order Policy

Then the trip has come to order policy. Now that we know what customers want, the extent to which suppliers can deliver and what service we should deliver, we face the most important consideration: What strategy should we adopt to combine all this knowledge so that we buy in a way that maximizes the profitability of each and every supplier?

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Special order and optimization
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Reverse the trend - optimize your purchases! Step 6: Special order and optimization

In the previous article we looked at buying a service-driven and balanced stock. If we do the right things here, this in itself will dramatically increase the profitability of the purchasing function. And not infrequently, it will significantly increase circulation in the warehouse, although there is no measure in itself. Now is the time to look at how to deal with what is out of the ordinary and where there are often further optimization opportunities.

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