Improved Supply Chain Planning that shows on your bottom line.

It's all about creating a more predictable future

The Blue Ridge cloud-native supply chain solution is the most accurate way for manufacturers, retailers and distributors to spot and plan for changes in customer demand before they happen. It’s how you create a more foreseeable future.


Your customer data powers the demand forecasting accuracy you need for supply chain success.


Optimize your inventory investment to your organization’s strategic goals.


Precise demand and supply information provides continuous interaction with the supply chain.


Strategically allocate and replenish inventory across your network for rapid, bottom-line results.

Supply Chain Planning & Analytics

Blue Ridge's cloud-based supply chain solution is the most accurate method for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to detect and plan for changes in consumer needs. It allows you to create a more predictable future.

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Increased precision

Get fresh customer forecasts served up every morning, using the exceptional precision of transaction-level data.
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More speed

Get up and running in as little as 90 days. See real ROI in weeks or months, not years.
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More security

Get sustainable results with personalized, ongoing attention from expert practitioners.

Blue Ridge Global

Blue Ridge Solutions is our long-standing partner in Supply Chain Planning / Procurement and Supply. The company is based in Atlanta USA. Blue Ridge has close ties to Europe and the Nordic countries and several of the Nordic customers' needs are now globally deployed.

What do our customers say?

For us, the choice of the Blue Ridge solution was simply about survival. We had to increase our service levels from the level we were at to at least 98% without leading to a drastic increase in inventory. And we had to deal with fewer resources. With Blue Ride we managed it with a clear margin - in record time. Blue Ridge has been following us for more than 10 years and, in our opinion, is still the strongest system in the market today.
Haakon Ekrheim K Ekrheim
Haakon Ekrheim
Kundelogo - Cater storkjøkken
Cater AS believes that it has found the best purchasing system in the market that satisfies all the important requirements that were set. The results have therefore been according to the requirements specification and the KPIs are better than expected. This was a good and correct choice for the future and the system has already earned its investment in less than a year.
Bjørn Garder CEO Cater AS
Bjørn Garder
Kundelogo - Procurator
With its 19,000 products, Procurator supplied office, security and industrial products for the entire Nordic market. This was a demanding operation and Procurator experienced dissatisfied customers due to too low service level and at the same time had too high stock levels. The solution was implemented as planned and under budget. It turned out that Blue Ridge more than met its expectations.
Anders Armandt
Anders Armandt
Purchasing Manager

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